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Thank you for visiting the web page of Croydon Performing Arts Festival, which was formed in 1913 and was, in 1925, one of the Founding Festivals of the British & International Federation of Festivals, our parent body.

We are proud to offer a new format of classes, which blend competitive and non-competitive, but all throwing valuable emphasis upon the important life skill of actual performance.

In the music section, we have world-class adjudicators coming to offer expert feedback to performers in both workshop-based classes and recital classes. In the workshop classes, performers will have the opportunity to work with the adjudicator individually, which is a fantastic and unique opportunity, while the audience, other participants and teachers should also find this extremely useful. All performers will receive written feedback and certificates. Prizes for noteworthy performances may also be awarded. We have used this format since 2018 and it has met with immeasurable success and acclaim from performers, teachers, adjudicators and audience alike. The recital classes give performers adequate performing time to show their skills from elementary levels to diploma levels in a competitive form.

We are also pleased to announce that, having secured a date in the Ashcroft Theatre in Fairfield Halls, we have the space necessary to relaunch our Choral section.

We are also very pleased to mention that our South Asian music classes are now back to their full strength and will also be structured in the workshop and recital format as above with the same aims to educate and develop the performance skills of our supporting performers from elementary levels to advanced.

As well as all the separate musical disciplines, we have an enthusiastic section of Speech & Drama, which retains its competitive structure from previous years, with top-quality feedback from expert adjudicators, and prizes.

We are pleased to announce that our large Dance section, including South Asian Dance, will take place in the recently refurbished Ashcroft Playhouse within the Fairfield Halls complex. We are also pleased to have renewed our connection with All-England Dance.

We are extremely fortunate that Royal Russell School, with its amazing facilities, has again, generously agreed to host the majority of the Music and Speech & Drama sections of the festival. Thanks are due to the Head of Royal Russell and his staff for their tireless support of our work.

We offer extraordinary value for money, so please look at the syllabus

and enter a class!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2021 festival, and, as the sessions — apart from those at Fairfield Halls — involve free admission for the audience, why not bring a large group to support you and applaud your talents?

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(including safeguarding)

Richard Deering


Festival Co-ordinator
(including stewards)

Bridget West



Bridget West



Speech & Drama

Jenna Manji




Liam Swattridge, Pushpa Nagarajan



Trixie Muirhead



The Mayor of Croydon



Helen Watkins Snart MBE (Former Festival Chair)

Geoffrey Lawrence Hon. ARAM (Former Festival Vice-Chair)

Chloë Hanslip (International Violinist)

Martin Jarvis (Stage and Screen Actor, previously of Whitgift School)

Viram Jasani (Asian Music Circuit)  

Councillor Toni Letts


Richard Deering (International Pianist and Adjudicator)

Julia Desbruslais (Executive Director of the London Mozart Players)

Chris Hutchinson (Head Master of Royal Russell School)

Hannah-Ruth Moore (Dancer)

Ben Norbury (Business Development Manager of Trinity College, London)

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