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Croydon Performing

Arts Festival

Building Lifetime Memories

The Croydon Performing Arts Festival is open to all amateurs to perform in Western Music, South Asian Music, Dance, South Asian Dance and Speech and Drama. It is one of the largest performing-arts festivals in the country attracting more than1000 performers each year.

Latest news


We are pleased to announce that the entry process for the 2024 festival is now open! 


Congratulations to our cash prize winners from the 2023 festival:

Sophie McCrossen – Piano

Milan Fraser – Speech

McKenna Harris – Drama

Yasmikaa Srinivasen – South Asian Dance

Mayakjhit Chakraborty – South Asian Music

Davinia Davis-Maxwell – Coleridge-Taylor Prize

Sofia Gomez – Vocal

Xilang Zhao – Brass/Wind

Old Palace Chamber Choir

Downsmen Male Voice Choir


Join us for the GALA Concert on Sunday 28th May 2023.

Our Performers:

Panash Steel Orchestra

Davinia Davis-Maxwell – piano (Coleridge-Taylor Prize winner)

Mayakjhit Chakraborty – SA Music instrumental

Old Palace Chamber Choir 

Yasmikaa Srinivasan - dancer

Ponsita Quartet – dance group

McKenna Harris - speech

Demi Tinubu - speech

Sia Srivastava - speech

Josh Bortoloso - speech

Milan Fraser - speech

Xilang Zhao – trumpet 

Lidia Stachow – piano

Aiyana Rennie – double bass

Amos Paran - vocal

Shreyas Kashyap Vishnudas – SA Music vocal

LMP Concerto Finalists


Firoze Madon – piano

Katy Smith – strings

Hassan Marzban - wind

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