Croydon Performing
Arts Festival

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@2017 Croydon Performing Arts Festival

Croydon Performing

Arts Festival

Building Lifetime Memories

The Croydon Performing Arts Festival is open to all amateurs to perform in Western Music, South Asian Music, Dance, South Asian Dance and Speech and Drama. It is one of the largest performing-arts festivals in the country attracting more than1000 performers each year.

Latest news


2020 Dance syllabus now available and entry system now open


2020 Music and Speech & Drama syllabus now available


2020 dates and venues listed on the events page

A great occasion at our AGM on 13 November 2019,

Geoffrey Lawrence Hon. ARAM was elected Vice-President of the Festival.


Geoffrey has served the festival for 15 years, has been acting chair, vice-chair, and in the past couple of years has managed the Festival's transition from a charity to a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), and prepared the accounts for us.

Pictured above: Trustees Ben Norbury, Chris Hutchinson, Vice-President
Geoffrey Lawrence, and Chair of the Trustees Richard Deering

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