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Croydon Performing

Arts Festival

Building Lifetime Memories

The Croydon Performing Arts Festival is open to all amateurs to perform in Western Music, South Asian Music, Dance, South Asian Dance and Speech and Drama. It is one of the largest performing-arts festivals in the country attracting more than 1000 performers each year.

Latest news


On the 25th of May we will be holding our Gala Concert at Fairfield Halls.
This exciting event will showcase performances from all sections of the Festival. Our ticket sales are generated solely from our performers, so bring family and friends to support our performers!

We look forward to seeing you there supporting both the Festival in the community and giving encouragement to the talented performers in a variety of styles and disciplines. 

Gala Concert performers:



Sophie McCrossen, Shravan Sriram

South Asian Music

Shriya Mistry (Sitar), Mayukhjit Chakraborty (Flute)

Speech and Drama

Seli Afriyiye, McKenna Harris, Sia Srivastava, Miguel Madu

Coleridge-Taylor Prize

Davinia Davis-Maxwell (Piano)


Esme Roberts, Robert Wiggins, Jahnavi Kamal


 Kit Ross (Violin), Jason Shek, Jack Ross and Alex Wang (String Trio)


Matilde Rahtz (Flute)


Featherstone High School Rock Band

SFY Second Strings conducted by Tim Wells


Aadhya Velan, Catherine Kurian 

 Manasvi Krishna Bodepudi, Niya Sajesh, Avanttika Sivakumar (Trio)


Congratulations to our cash prize winners from the 2024 festival:

Coleridge-Taylor Prize - Davinia Davis-Maxwell
Piano - Sophie McCrossen
Piano - Shravan Sriram
South Asian Music instrumental - Shriya Mistry
South Asian Music Vocal - Smrit
i Saraf
Vocal - Esme Roberts
Speech - Seli Afriyeye
Drama - McKenna Harris
South Asian Dance - Aadhya Velan
South Asian Dance - Catherine Kuri


A note from our Chair, Richard Deering
If you have
appreciated the work put into this festival and you realise the enormous help that the festival has given to develop the self-esteem and self-respect, especially for the young performers, and would like to offer help - either-year-round or at the event - so that we may make it possible to hold a similar event in 2025, please contact us! On behalf of the Trustees, thank you for your continued interest and support.

"Why I like adjudicating at Croydon is because the emphasis is on learning and sharing music rather than the narrow competitive element"

- Vijay Venkat (Adjudicator - South Asian Music)

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